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Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals

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Istanbul Mehmet handcrafts all its cymbals in Turkey according to ancient, traditional methods to bring timeless character into each one. Since machines don't have ears, they believe the best sound can only be achieved through careful handiwork. Yet they remain open to contemporary musical trends and incorporate new ideas into all Istanbul Mehmet cymbals, never losing sight of the instrument's roots. If detailed craftsmanship and a history of excellence are what you're looking for in a cymbal, you've landed on the right page. Interested in adding a touch of unique tonal color to your kit? If so, the Istanbul Mehmet Sultan Series Splash is an excellent option. The unlathed cup, bow circle and bottom bring dry, woody characteristics to the otherwise brilliant, traditional tone. The sound is fast and mellow with minimal overtones and really good stick definition. When only a vintage sound will do, the Istanbul Mehmet Nostalgia Crash 18" satisfies that craving. Designed with old-school jazz players in mind, this cymbal helps you achieve the popular tone of a golden age. Dark, low and full, this cymbal has rapid decay and is surprisingly versatile. Are you looking to spice up your pop, Latin or jazz performances? Because the Istanbul Mehmet El Negro Flat Ride 22" is perfect for that. This extremely thin cymbal features a specially brushed finish and produces dark, versatile tones. Plus, it has dual rivets to add a mild sizzle to the sound. Istanbul Mehmet offers numerous other options, including sonically-matched sets for drummers wanting to upgrade more than one piece at a time. So take a look and discover what their cymbals are all about. Musicians of all skill levels who play Latin, pop, rock, alternative and more are sure to find an addition for their setups. Any drummer and their kit can stand to benefit from the quality craftsmanship of Istanbul Mehmet cymbals.