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Innovative Percussion

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Marimbists seeking an unparalleled level of tone and articulation need look no further than the Innovative Percussion Soloist Series Mallets. Featuring 100% wool mallets wrapped around a hard rubber core, these mallets produce a rich, brilliant tone across all registers of the marimba. The Soloist Series Mallets are meticulously crafted to meet the demands of today's most discerning marimbists.

100% Wool Mallets Deliver Optimal Tone

The Soloist Series Mallets owe their resonant tone to mallets made of 100% wool wrapped around a hard rubber core. This construction yields a warm fundamental tone with ample projection, allowing marimbists to achieve a clear, singing quality in all registers. The wool also provides a soft touch for subtle dynamics and nuanced phrasing.

Polished Birch Handles Offer a Natural, Comfortable Grip

The Soloist Series Mallets feature polished birch handles that provide marimbists a smooth, natural finish for optimal comfort and control. The handles fit comfortably in the hand, enabling players to execute complex passages with precision. The polished birch adds a touch of sophistication while prioritizing playability.

Meticulously Crafted for Virtuoso-Level Play

From the selection of high-quality materials to the handcrafted construction, the Soloist Series Mallets are designed with the marimba virtuoso in mind. Their premium wool mallets and polished birch handles are carefully matched to produce a balanced, responsive feel. The attention to detail results in mallets that meet the stringent standards of professional marimbists and elevate the abilities of developing players. The Soloist Series Mallets are an essential tool for any marimbist pursuing an unparalleled level of tone and technique.

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  • Hard rubber cores create a full, rich tone and warm fundamental
  • 100% wool yarn