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Sampled in 6 Different Countries including: Britain, Canada, Netherlands, New Zealand, Scotland, USA.  Numerous spring reverbs that include Mono, Stereo, EQ'd and Hybrid Versions are featured. Many pieces of gear listed have been used on major recording artists, albums and Grammy productions.

Spring Generalities and Basic Characteristics

Spring reverb units are varied. Some manufacturers used a simple spring,  some multiple springs, some tubes, some solid state. The length of the springs likewise make differences. Unlike the plates library, where one could group them together and create simple sub categories, it's much harder in the spring world.  That's why this library is so interesting and worth adding to your convolution and impulse response library. There is nothing else out there quite like it.  

If you want that 50's and 60's vintage spring sound, you'll want to apply one of our mono oriented springs and we have a number of those where multiple units were sampled and then run in tandem for stereo effect. If you are looking for a plate response that has more of that 3D acoustic sound, where you can almost hear the envelopment of the sound waves in a concert hall, try dialing in one of the Austrian, MasMix, or Mmix springs. If you want a fun, current-sounding reverb effect, but with a little vintage vibe, try a number of the springs, but find the reverb length in the 1 to 2 second range.  

That vintage guitar sound will be had with one of the boingy springs.  There are a good number of variations in the boingy category, so check them all out. If you want to add spatial qualities to an instrument, or perhaps the lead vocal, even while applying a plate or digital reverb on top, try placing one of our hybrid spring files and pull it back from the top reverb. You'll add some of that 3D acoustic magic. Also, try applying a shorter Austrian spring and you'll hear additional front end “reflections,” also yielding to a more 3D sound.

Springs can absolutely carry the entire job, or work as a great addition to other FX on particular tracks. That's the beauty of this springs library and it is why you will enjoy the broad and diverse impulse response files captured and included in pristine 96/24 detail.
Impulse Record Springs Warm

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  • 111B
  • 4500 mono
  • Austrian BX-20
  • Austrian BX-25
  • Brit Spring
  • MRm XL-305
  • RV-2
  • Sup Rev
  • Tap 400
  • Vest RV-2

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