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This library contains numerous Tape Echo Units, an Oil Can Delay, various competitors to the 201 and 301 and then what we call the Space section,
where we have included a good number of files from these historic units.  With advanced controls from the plugin, these files are very flexible with
the ability to either slow up or slow down delays and effects for a real authentic sound.

If you are looking for unique sounding impulse response files that have particular qualities with iconic gear from this era, then look further.
Impulse Record Echo Space

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Echo Space - 10 Units - 137 Files - 261 megs
  • 201
  • 301
  • Echo 312
  • EchoP
  • EchoP-2
  • German Echo
  • Oil Can Delay
  • SS 282
  • SS 282 Unit 2
  • Tape Echo

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