Huge Impulse Response Library loaded with your favorite units. Save with this download. Convology XT was years in the making and is an incredible collection of 126 pieces of vintage studio outboard gear.  From 17 Different Physical Plates, 80s & 90s DSPs, Spring Reverbs, Tape Delays, Vintage German DSPs, Vintage Amps and misc gear all preserved in 96/24 resolution.
The plug-in features an easy to use interface to browse through the libraries, allowing the user to quickly step through presets and audition on the fly, while the music is playing. Despite being free, Convology XT is a world class vintage convolution reverb, created for the cherished vintage sounding reverb for studio engineers and music producers, with CPU efficient processing, low latency and zero latency modes, max IR length of 2M samples (40 sec at 48 kHz), support for WAV and AIF files, and modulation. There are also extensive IR modification functions, including stretch, decay time scaling, EQ, frequency-dependent decay time scaling, time reverse, and amplitude envelope. And a cool UI with real time spectrum, time display, and images of the vintage gear.
The beauty of Convology XT is the ease of browsing a huge vintage library, with truly world class impulse response files.
True stereo 3rd party IRs, are supported from 4-channel WAV/AIF files, stored as L, R, L->R, R->L
No IR or convolution reverb library is complete without Convology XT “Complete!”  Convology XT comes in VST, AU and AAX.

  • 80s-90s DSP1 - Basic: 9 units - 243 files - 367 megs
  • 80s-90s DSP2 - Classic: 15 Units - 183 files - 268 megs
  • 80s-90s DSP3 - Pro: 15 Units - 150 files - 206 megs
  • Echo Space: 10 Units - 137 Files - 254 megs
  • Plates: 17 Different Physical Plates - 185 Files -325 megs
  • Springs Boingy: 13 units - 55 Files - 156 megs
  • Springs Bright: 13 units - 45 Files -126 megs
  • Springs Warm: 10 units - 61 Files - 137 megs
  • Vintage Amps: 17 Different Amps - 130 Files - 137 megs
  • Vintage German DSP: (245, 246, 248 and 250. 7 Units) - 246 Files - 338 megs

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