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Shreddage 2 is now Shreddage 3 Jupiter. Impact Soundwork's most popular 7-string electric guitar sampler has been upgraded to the S3 Engine with more realistic performances, custom articulations, better editing and 30+ built-in FX (amps, cabs, pedals and more). Sporting 7-strings and tuned to drop-A, Shreddage 3 Jupiter has a dark, rich guitar tone perfect for heavy rock and metal. Its massive powerchords and chugs will instantly fill out a rhythm track, especially with one-click double and quad-tracking. With the included Console FX rack and mixer, you don’t even need external plugins; just choose from one of dozens of included presets and you’re ready to shred. All the articulations from the original S2 are here, and can be mapped or triggered using Total Articulation Control Technology 2.0 (TACT). There are more ways to tweak and play these articulations than ever: dynamic layer and mute level adjustments, per-articulation velocity to volume, Strum Mode and much more.

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    Pristine 24-bit recordings
    Sustains, powerchords, palm mutes
    Powerchord mutes, staccatos, powerchord staccatos
    Harmonics, pinch harmonics
    Tremolos, tapping, FX
    Hammer-on/pull-off, portamento & powerchord slides
    Three recorded vibrato types
    Unpitched and pitched release noises
    Rakes, muted chokes, DI line noise
    Over 30 new & custom cabinet IRs

    • Cutting edge virtual guitarist engine
      Beautiful, expanded UI for easier editing
      New POLY INPUT feature for realistic chords
      Multiple fret and string voicing algorithms
      New STRUMMING tab for custom rhythm parts
      CONSOLE: Modular rack and mixer w/ 30+ FX
      Includes TACT 2.0 for articulation mapping
    45 production-ready CONSOLE tone snapshots

    • KONTAKT PLAYER version 5.7 or higher
      4GB disk space
      6GB RAM
      Your system must also meet the requirements for version 5.7 of Kontakt Player. If you cannot run that version, you will not be able to load the Kontakt instrument.

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