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The Kazakh Dombra is an ancient fretted lute from Kazakhstan with a bright, percussive tone which has been meticulously sampled for Plectra Series 3 from Impact Soundworks. Chromatically sampled with up to 16x RR per note, this collection features a two-stringed lute with sustains, trills, mordents and tremolos along with mutes, hammer-ons and slides.

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  • Deep-sampled two-stringed lute
  • Up to 16x RR per note (8x up/8x down)
  • Intimate close-miced sound
  • Sustains, trills, mordents, tremolo
  • Mutes, hammer-ons, slides
  • Scripted interface for easy tone control
  • Custom velocity/keyswitch mapping
  • Full chokes, strums & repetition triggers
  • Requires KONTAKT 4 (full version, not player) or higher
  • Requires 600mb disk space

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