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The Ibanez SRD905F 5-string fretless electric bass guitar offers you an unparalleled combination of acoustic upright bass and modern electric bass tones. Its 30-fret panga panga fingerboard provides the broad range and expressiveness of an upright, while the dual Nordstrand Big Break pickups and Ibanez 2-band EQ supply a spectrum of electric sounds. The lightweight, chambered okoume body and exotic maple top enhance resonance, and are comfortable during long gigs. For bass players seeking new creative frontiers, the SRD905F is in a class by itself.

30-Fret Fretless Fingerboard Unlocks Upright Bass Expression

The SRD905F's extended 30-fret fretless panga panga fingerboard provides the range and articulation of an upright bass. Glissandos, harmonics and advanced melodic lines are easily executed. The fingerboard's smooth, unmarked surface enables you to explore microtones and create your own fretting. Panga panga wood produces a tight low end, sharp attack and clear midrange, ideal for both arco and pizzicato styles.

Nordstrand Pickups and Ibanez EQ Forge a Spectrum of Tones

The SRD905F is equipped with a Nordstrand Big Break pickup in the bridge position, providing a warm, rounded tone with full lows and crisp highs. An AeroSilk piezo pickup under the bridge captures the acoustic resonance of the chambered body. The Ibanez 2-band EQ allows you to blend these pickups and shape your tone. From an upright-like thump to an aggressive slap, the tonal possibilities are nearly endless.

Lightweight Body Delivers Comfort and Acoustic Depth

The SRD905F has a lightweight chambered okoume body with an exotic maple top. The chambers enhance acoustic resonance, producing depth and dimension. Okoume wood provides a balanced, articulate tone with punchy lows and clear highs. The maple top adds brightness and visual flair. During long gigs and sessions, the lightweight, ergonomically contoured body prevents fatigue so you can focus on your playing.

Premium Components for Professional Performance

Designed for professional bassists, the SRD905F features premium components like an AeroSilk bridge, metal control knobs and strap locks. The AeroSilk bridge's individual piezo saddles capture string resonance with exceptional clarity. Metal knobs provide durable, tactile control over your EQ and volume levels. Strap locks keep your bass secure during the most energetic performances. Overall, the SRD905F is an elite instrument for discerning bass players ready to explore new creative territory.

Ibanez SRD905F 5-String Fretless Electric Bass Guitar Brown Topaz Burst Low Gloss
Ibanez SRD905F 5-String Fretless Electric Bass Guitar Brown Topaz Burst Low Gloss
Ibanez SRD905F 5-String Fretless Electric Bass Guitar Brown Topaz Burst Low Gloss

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  • Extended 30-fret maple/walnut neck
  • Panga panga fretboard
  • Exotic maple top and okoume body
  • Nordstrand Big Break/AeroSilk piezo pickups
  • Ibanez 2-band EQ with piezo active tone control
  • AeroSilk MR5 bridge
  • Luminescent side dots

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  • Body Type: Solidbody
  • Top Wood: Maple
  • Body wood: Okume
  • Wood: Multi-piece maple/walnut
  • Material: Panga panga
  • Fret size: Medium
  • Neck: Nordstrand Big Break
  • Bridge: Nordstrand Big Break
  • Controls: Master volume, 2-band EQ
  • Special electronics: Master volume and tone control for piezo system
  • Bridge: AeroSilk MR5 Piezo
  • Tailpiece: Individual saddle
  • Tuning machines: 
  • Number of strings: 5
  • Orientation: Right Handed

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