The SRC6MS multi-scale bass from Ibanez is made to explore a vast yet largely uncharted middle ground where the world of bass and guitar converge. An okoume body known for a bright and solid sound is paired with a 5-piece jatoba/walnut neck for tonal clarity and a superior attack. This is topped with a rosewood fretboard, which provides a well-balanced, solid tone with a focused midrange suitable for a wide variety of genres. Two Bartolini BH2 pickups provide a tight bottom end, punchy mid-range and smooth response in a dual-coil style configuration that maximizes articulation. A long blade pole piece widens the magnetic field, providing balanced string-to-string pickup response. The multi-scale construction equalizes tension of each string and it helps to create a more ”alive,” open tone. But the design also improves player comfort by ergonomically coordinating with the way a player's hand angles as it moves up and down the neck, facilitating quick, comfortable playing action. Additional features include 3-band EQ, a Mono-rail bridge and an EQ bypass switch for precision tonal adjustments.

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