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The Ibanez PF54CE dreadnought acoustic-electric guitar delivers impressive sound quality and features at an inexpensive price point. Designed for guitarists who want amplified acoustic tone without breaking the bank, the PF54CE dreadnought blends traditional construction with modern conveniences. The guitar's all-meranti build with nandu wood fingerboard, top, back and sides produces a rich, balanced acoustic tone. Plug in its Ibanez undersaddle pickup and AEQ-2T preamp and the PF54CE accurately reproduces the guitar's natural warmth. Shape your amplified tone with easy-access bass and treble controls or use the built-in tuner for quick onstage tuning. The PF54CE dreadnought features a comfortable meranti neck and quality hardware for smooth playability. With the Ibanez PF54CE, you can enjoy pure acoustic resonance unplugged and versatile amplified performance.

Dreadnought Body Offers a Balance of Warmth and Projection

With its large dreadnought body, the Ibanez PF54CE provides balanced warmth and projection. The dreadnought shape produces a rich low end, balanced mids and clear, articulate highs. It gives you enough body to provide warmth unplugged, yet still projects nicely when amplified. The dreadnought body style also gives you plenty of room for energetic strumming or fingerpicking. Whether you prefer a driving rhythm or intricate melodies, the PF54CE dreadnought body will accommodate your playing style.

Nandu Wood Parts Create an Organically Warm Unplugged Tone

The PF54CE dreadnought guitar gets its naturally warm and balanced acoustic voice from nandu wood components. Both the fingerboard and bridge are constructed from nandu, a dense tropical wood that resonates beautifully. The guitar's top, back and sides consist of finely grained meranti, while the fingerboard, bridge and headstock overlay are nandu. Together, these tonewoods produce rich lows, articulate mids and clear, ringing highs when played unplugged. The nandu wood fingerboard feels smooth under your fingers. Let the PF54CE sing with its organically resonant all-wood body.

Undersaddle Pickup Accurately Captures Acoustic Tone

When you're ready to amplify your sound, the Ibanez undersaddle pickup mounted beneath the saddle accurately conveys the PF54CE's natural acoustic character. The pickup has a transparent, balanced voice that complements the guitar's meranti and nandu construction. You'll enjoy the same warmth and dynamics through an amp or PA system as you do playing unplugged. The undersaddle pickup captures the guitar's organic resonance. For acoustic players who want the flexibility of an amplified dreadnought, the PF54CE delivers.

Shape Your Sound With Onboard AEQ-2T Preamp and Tuner

Having an onboard preamp means you can sculpt your amplified tone without an external amp or effects. The PF54CE's AEQ-2T preamp lets you dial in just the right amount of bass and treble. Boost the lows to fill out the mix or add brilliance by accentuating the highs. The AEQ-2T also features a built-in tuner, allowing quick onstage tuning at the touch of a button. The tuner functions silently, muting the output so you can tune discreetly. With its preamp and tuner, the PF54CE dreadnought gives you tonal control and convenience.

Play All Day in Comfort With a Pleasing Neck Profile

The PF54CE's meranti neck has a smooth satin finish for fast movement up and down the fingerboard. Its slim profile neck and 12" radius feel comfortable and familiar. Combined with a 43 mm standard nut width, the PF54CE plays fast while remaining accessible to most hands. Die-cast chrome tuners keep the PF54CE in tune through long practice sessions and gigs. The guitar also features Ibanez Advantage bridge pins for greater string grip and easier re-stringing. With its easy-playing neck and quality hardware, the Ibanez PF54CE is a reliable workhorse acoustic.

Ibanez PF54CE Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural
Ibanez PF54CE Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural
Ibanez PF54CE Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural

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  • Meranti top
    Meranti back and sides
  • Meranti neck
  • Nandu wood fretboard
  • Ibanez Undersaddle pickup
  • Nandu Wood bridge

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  • Body type: Dreadnought
  • Top wood: Meranti
  • Back & sides: Meranti
  • Neck shape: Thin C
  • Fingerboard: Nandu
  • Neck wood: Meranti
  • Bridge: Nandu
  • Electronics: Ibanez AEQ-2T
  • Pickup/preamp: Ibanez Undersaddle pickup
  • EQ/Tuner: 2-band
  • Orientation: Right Handed
  • Number of strings: 6

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Warranty terms vary. Check with manufacturer for specific product warranty.

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