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It’s no secret that today’s harmonica microphones are sonically and physically lacking in comparison to their vintage counterparts. Hohner and sE Electronics set out to change that.

Introducing the Harp Blaster HB52 
The Harp Blaster HB52 took inspiration from Little Walter—the artist behind the 1950’s hit “Juke," which embodies the emotive warmth that’s produced when the expressiveness of a great harp player is combined with an uncompromising microphone and an overdriven tube amp. 

The Harp Blaster HB52 is handcrafted with touring professionals in mind. It is made completely out of metal, a thick die-cast body with zinc alloy parts and chrome detailing. Not only will it withstand the uniquely brutal conditions a harp mic can face on a nightly basis; it will do so while capturing vastly superior tone to other harmonica microphones.

While paying homage to the shape of vintage bullet harmonica microphones, the HB52 scales down the size to allow the player to get a better grip and increase their ability to create a cup-seal between the microphone and harmonica. Its specially designed dynamic capsule successfully recreates vintage tone and can handle high sound pressure levels. The integrated volume knob allows the player to adjust easily on the fly. The HB52 also utilizes the industry standard XLR.

NOTE: Cable not included.
Hohner Harp Blaster HB52 Microphone
Hohner Harp Blaster HB52 Microphone
Hohner Harp Blaster HB52 Microphone

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  • Handcrafted with touring professionals in mind
  • Completely constructed out of metal
  • Thick die-cast body
  • Zinc alloy parts
  • Chrome detailing
  • Cable sold separately

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Microphone Type:
  • Dynamic
Frequency Range:
  • 22Hz–16kHz
Output Impedance:
  • 450 ohms
  • 17.8 mV/Pa (-35 dBV)
  • Green
  • XLR
  • 3" x 1.9"
  • 0.45 lb.
Manufacturer Part Number:
  • MZ20201

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90 day warranty on concertinas.
2 year warranty on microphones.
Contact manufacturer for harmonica warranty information.

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