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The Heritage Audio Rack 2 is a 2-channel 500-series rack power supply that employs the same exact ISEP mechanical components that are used in the Neve Series 80 consoles including aluminum rails, guides, and more. This will ensure your vintage modules; as well as any current made units will fit perfectly in the Rack 2. Every channel has it's own output control as well as an illuminated phantom power switch. The Rack 2 also incorporates two discrete class A ultra high impedance JFET Direct Inputs, allowing for direct plugging of hi impedance instruments. The back panel of the Rack 2 features Neutrik gold plated XLR connectors for Mic and Line inputs, as well as outputs. The Rack 2's External Power Supply Unit is connected via Neutrik gold plated 4-pin XLRs. It is configurable for 220-240v or 110v. The power supply is included and able to power up to four Rack 2s.
Heritage Audio Rack 2
Heritage Audio Rack 2

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  • Neutrik gold plated XLRs for Mic and Line inputs
  • Neutrik gold plated XLRs for outputs
  • Illuminated red push buttons for Phantom power
  • Discrete Class A JFET Direct Inputs
  • Individual output controls
  • Built in Compression Link busses A and B
  • Genuine ISEP mechanical construction
  • External oversized PSU
  • PSU cable included

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