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The Hammond Sk PRO 61-Key Digital Keyboard and Organ is an innovative instrument that combines a 61-key keyboard, realistic pipe organ and drawbar organ emulation, and a synthesizer in one portable unit. Featuring high-definition samples, physical modeling and digital effects, the Sk PRO produces an authentic experience for musicians and performers.

Detailed Pipe Organ and Drawbar Organ Emulation

The Sk PRO incorporates Hammond's advanced "Modeled Tone Wheel 1" sound engine to recreate the iconic tone of vintage Hammond organs. A new digital Leslie effect simulates the rotating speaker cabinets that produce Hammond's signature sound. Transistor and theater organ sounds are also included, along with controls to adjust percussion, key click, and other parameters.

Piano and Ensemble Sections

With high-resolution samples of grand pianos and vintage electric pianos, the Sk PRO provides realistic keyboard sounds for any genre. The ensemble section contains essential brass, reed, string, choir and percussion voices to augment the keyboard tones.

Versatile Mono Synth

A built-in analog synthesizer model recreates the sounds of vintage synths. Six oscillator types, filter and amplitude controls, and other parameters allow you to craft your own synth patches. The synthesizer section contains 100 factory and 100 user patches to get you started.

Extensive Patch and Routing Options

The Sk PRO offers 300 factory and 200 user patches that can combine sounds from multiple sections. 200 combinations let you layer and split patches for complex performances. Four "allocation" buttons give you quick access to different patches during live playing. Separate line outputs are provided for the organ, bass, piano and synth sections for flexible routing options. A USB port allows you to save and load patches to a computer.

collapse expand iconFeatures

  • The SK PRO is equipped with four sound engines which can be used separately or in any combination
  • All samples are at a higher resolution than the previous SK series
  • Drawbar organ section derived from the top-of-the-line XK-5
  • Expanded transistor and pipe organ voices
  • Piano section with a wide variety of keyboard instruments, including hi-res grand and electric piano sounds
  • Ensemble section with essential brass, reed, string, choir and percussion instruments
  • analog-modeled mono synth section
  • Pitch bend and modulation wheels
  • Real AC connection no “wall wart”
  • Multiple, assignable, outputs, with discrete organ and bass outputs
  • 11-pin leslie jack
  • Onboard bulk storage for all programming
  • A & B USB ports (for storage and MIDI-Over-USB functions)
  • Seamless switching of tones while playing
  • Patches, combinations, and centrally located favorite/allocate buttons allow quick and easy access to performance needs
  • Large color display with essential information gives the player instant status of the instrument
  • Accessories
    • Soft-sided carrying case
    • SC-61KC/for 61keys
    • SC-73KC/for 73keys
    • 11PIN Leslie Cable
    • Footswitch FS-9H
    • Expression Pedal EXP-50J
    • MIDI Pedalboard with inbuilt sounds XPK-130G
    • MIDI Pedalboard with inbuilt sounds XPK-200GL

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