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The Guitar Center Lessons Electric Guitar Curriculum Book 1 provides a comprehensive introduction to playing electric guitar. Available as a book/online audio bundle, this curriculum covers fundamental skills and techniques for the aspiring guitarist, including how to hold the guitar, basic chords, simple strumming and picking patterns, and essential music theory concepts. This is an essential guide to mastering electric guitar fundamentals. Developed by Guitar Center's expert instructors, the step-by-step lessons in this book are tailored for beginners and include online audio tracks for demonstration and play-along. This is the all-in-one resource for starting your electric guitar journey on the right note.

Learn Proper Hand Position and Posture

Before diving into chords and melodies, the Guitar Center Lessons Electric Guitar Curriculum Book 1 teaches you how to hold the guitar and pick correctly. Clear illustrations and descriptions show the proper hand position for fretting chords and picking single notes. You'll also learn correct posture and how to support the guitar with a strap to facilitate good technique and avoid injury.

Master Fundamental Chords and Strumming

At the heart of any guitarist's repertoire are chords and strumming patterns. This book introduces you to major and minor chords in the most commonly used keys. Strumming lessons start with basic up and down strokes before progressing to more intricate rhythmic patterns. The online audio tracks provide demonstrations so you can hear how the chords and strums should sound.

Develop Solid Music Theory Knowledge

A strong grasp of music theory is essential for any guitarist. This curriculum covers fundamentals like the names of guitar parts, how to read guitar tablature and standard music notation, time signatures, and key signatures. Explanations of intervals, scales, and the circle of fifths provide a framework for understanding how chords and melodies are constructed. Quizzes and worksheets help reinforce the concepts through active learning.

Practice with Play-Along Tracks

The included online audio tracks don't just demonstrate techniques—they also give you the opportunity to play along. Strumming patterns, chord progressions, and simple melodies are presented with backing tracks at multiple speeds so you can start slowly and build up speed. Play along with the tracks to gain experience applying your new skills in a musical context.

Guitar Center Lessons Electric Guitar Curriculum Book 1 (Book/Online Audio)