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Gruv Gear's Kapsulite+ for Electric Bass is a sleeker, thinner and lighter version of their Kapsule travel guitar case, designed to be your go-to wheeled gig bag. The Kapsulite+ has been re-engineered with robust materials to significantly reduce the weight of the case while maintaining top-notch protection and portability for your instrument. 

It features a revolutionary waterproof exo-shell, fused with a thick layer of lightweight expanded polystyrene for excellent shock absorption. The interior is lined with soft fabric, and the instrument headstock is suspended and secured for traveling by a specially molded neck brace. This section also functions as a removable storage case for strings, capos, tools, tuners and more, as well as a guitar neck support cradle/neck rest for easier string changes and maintenance. The main panel of the Kapsulite+ features an expandable top pocket and an open drop-in pocket that doubles as storage for the shoulder straps.

The unique placement of the wide padded shoulder straps on the lid panel creates a sleek and minimalist look when worn. When not in use, the straps can be tucked away into the zippered area. The built-in lost-and-found Global Recovery Tag feature, recognized in nearly 3,000 airports worldwide, offers security and peace of mind.

Note: The Kapsulite+ fits most electric guitars and basses. Certain models such as Les Paul, Thunderbird, Jaguar, V-shaped and 335 semi-hollow body guitars will not fit.

Important: Wheels must be detached and shoulder straps tucked in before placing the case in any cargo hold to prevent damage.
Gruv Gear Electric Base Kapsulite Plus Case Black
Gruv Gear Electric Base Kapsulite Plus Case Black
Gruv Gear Electric Base Kapsulite Plus Case Black

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