Grover Pro

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Grover Percussion's Rim Guard™ provides you with added security when playing quiet passages close to the rim. Plus, with the added convenience of instant removability, you can move the Rim Guard from one drum to another. If you’re a percussionist on the go (and who isn’t?) keep one in your stick bag just so that it’s available wherever you need it! This product is so useful that you’ll have a hard time keeping other drummer's from "borrowing" it.

The soft rubber guard is compatible with any drum and any metal rim, including all triple-flanged and die-cast rims. It is securely attached and easily removed. This product is so simple you’ll wonder why no one has commercially produced it until now!
Grover Pro Rim Guard
Grover Pro Rim Guard

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  • Use it on any drum or rim type
  • Easily removable
  • Fits in your stick bag
  • Simple design

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