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Gibson Solid State Combo Guitar Amplifiers

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In the rock'n'roll world, you'd be hard-pressed to find a guitarist who doesn't love the solid feel and biting tone of a Gibson Les Paul. With that being said, Gibson's illustrious history goes well beyond guitars - in fact, Gibson solid state combo guitar amplifiers are highly sought after on today's used market. During the 50s and 60s, Gibson's selection of amps included a wide range of models and sizes and by the late 60s they even designed one of the world's first transistor amplifiers.

By the 1970s, Gibson began constructing solid state amps that operated on semi-conductor circuit technology. Gibson's most popular line at this time was known as the Lab Series (BB King was known during for his love of Lab Series amps). In 1971, Gibson released the G10. If you're a fan of garage rock and happen to stumble upon one of these obscurities, jump on it. The G10 delivers a raspy and bright sound with just the right amount of breakup - perfect for playing 3-chord 60s punk stompers. Another top-notch 70s Gibson solid state amp was the G50. Boasting a single 12" speaker, reverb, tremolo and Hi/Lo impedance inputs, this is another guitar amp that merits the consideration of any lover of unique, vintage sounds.

And those two models aren't the only Gibson solid state combo amps that have popped up in our previously-owned inventory, so have a look around. If you do come across something that grabs your attention, feel free to ask us a question via email or instant message; someone from our staff would be more than happy to fill you in with the deets. From their sparkling cleans to their killer overdrive, Gibson solid state combo guitar amplifiers are a real treat to play and their rare nature makes them all the more special to own.