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For over 50 years, Gibson's Hummingbird has been one of the most iconic acoustics, prized for its bold, square shoulder dreadnought body and full, rich voice. Now Gibson brings this legendary tonewood formula into the 21st century with the Hummingbird Original Acoustic-Electric. Featuring a solid Sitka spruce top and mahogany back and sides, the Hummingbird Original resonates with the same depth, clarity and projection that made the original a star. Its LR Baggs VTC Element pickup system provides a natural amplified tone for gigging and recording. With premium tonewoods, traditional appointments and innovative electronics, the Hummingbird Original lets you experience a classic like never before.

Sitka Spruce Top and Mahogany Body for Bold, Balanced Tone

The Hummingbird Original owes its full, rich voice to the same premium tonewood combination that made the original famous. Its solid Sitka spruce top provides an excellent tonal foundation, with a broad range, crisp highs and tight lows that open up beautifully over time. Mahogany back and sides add warmth, depth and projection, creating an overall tone that's well-balanced and bold. This tonewood duo gives the Hummingbird Original the power to shine in any musical situation.

LR Baggs VTC Element Pickup System for Natural Amplified Sound

While the Hummingbird Original was born to resonate in an acoustic setting, its LR Baggs VTC Element pickup system also provides a natural amplified tone for gigging and recording. The Element pickup incorporates an ultrasensitive microphone and flexible preamp, allowing you to dial in everything from subtle, airy tones to a full, robust sound. With intuitive volume and tone controls, you can shape your amplified tone to suit any song or style. The end result is an acoustic-electric experience where technology enhances, rather than masks, the Hummingbird Original's organic voice.

Premium Appointments and Playability

Every detail of the Hummingbird Original is crafted for an exceptional playing experience. Its slim mahogany neck and 1.725" nut width provide a fast, comfortable feel, while its belly bridge and compensated saddle enhance intonation accuracy and tonal clarity. With premium tonewoods, state-of-the-art electronics and traditional Gibson appointments, the Hummingbird Original lets you tap into a legendary sound in a whole new way.