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When you think of Gibson, you probably invoke some mental images of their classic electric guitars like the Les Paul, SG, Explorer and Flying V... but that's only one chapter of Gibson's story. Even before those iconic instruments, Gibson was making world-class acoustic guitars. They still do today, and whether you own one of those instruments or any other acoustic for that matter, Gibson acoustic guitar strings are great choices for putting it through its paces. Built with the same high standards as Gibson guitars, these strings are designed to deliver the tone and playability you count on for getting a great performance every time. Most of Gibson's strings come with the "Masterbuilt" label, such as the SAG-MB10 Masterbuilt Premium Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings. It's certainly a name that they've earned, since they're bench-tested and builder-approved to meet the standards demanded by Gibson's own flat top guitars. Look for the green label if you're searching for phosphor-bronze, or the purple label if you like traditional bronze strings, and get ready to experience the natural, expressive tone that your acoustic guitar has been waiting to reveal. Need a set of strings to fit a bigger guitar size? In that case, check out the J-200 Deluxe Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings - Medium, or lighten things up with the J200UL Deluxe Phosphor Bronze Ultra Light Acoustic Guitar Strings. They're the same ones that come stock on Gibson's well-known J-200 Jumbo acoustic, and they'll power your guitar up with the ringing attack, presence and responsiveness you need for cutting through the mix. And like all of Gibson's strings, the pack is vacuum-sealed for plenty of shelf life if you need it. The biggest priority for Gibson is building instruments that sound amazing, and putting a great set of strings on each one is a key ingredient in making that a reality. So whether you play one of their acoustics or are looking for an upgrade from another luthier's stock strings, Gibson acoustic guitar strings are well worth considering. In the studio or onstage, their feel and sound will speak for themselves.