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The Gibraltar GCS125C is a chromed and contoured extension made to expand your GRS300C rack. This 3" rack still stands 30" tall, but is 4" shorter (than the GCS300C) to ensure your kit can setup in venues that are tighter than expected. This expansion pack includes 36" horizontal bar, one 30" vertical bar, two right angle clamps, one multi-clamp, one slip-on memory lock and one T-leg assembly.

Gibraltar drum rack packages now make it easier to find the right combination for your needs.
Gibraltar GRS125C Road Series Curved Side Rack Extension

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  • Curved side rack
  • (1) SC-GRSMTLA mini T leg assembly
  • (1) 36" curved horizontal bar
  • (1) 30" straight vertical bar
  • (2) SC-GRSRA Right Angle Clamp
  • (1) SC-GRSMC Multi clamp
  • (1) SC-GPRML Slip on memory lock
  • (1) SC-GRSHML Hinged memory lock

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