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The Global Truss SQ4112, a two-meter square truss segment ideal for trade shows, lighting rigs, and other productions. Constructed of high-grade aluminum alloy for maximum durability and minimum weight, this 31 pound truss delivers superior strength and rigidity thanks to its 2" outer diameter tubing and 3⁄4" diagonal bracing. Certified to the highest safety standards by TÜV, an independent ratings organization, the SQ4112 provides dependable performance and peace of mind. With its compact, 11.42" x 11.42" profile, the SQ4112 is easy to transport and configure into an endless array of shapes. All necessary connecting hardware is included for fast, frustration-free setup. For a square truss that delivers professional results at an affordable price, look no further than the Global Truss SQ4112, available now at Guitar Center.

Built to Handle Heavy Loads

Despite its lightweight, compact design, the SQ4112 can support up to 1600 pounds at its center point. This exceptional load capacity means the SQ4112 can handle lighting fixtures, scrims, banners, and other equipment with ease for productions of virtually any scale. The rigid aluminum framework and robust welded joints provide a stable platform that won't sag or deform under the weight of gear and attachments.

Safety and Certification You Can Trust

The SQ4112 is fabricated by welders certified to the highest standards set by TÜV, a leading independent safety certification organization. This TÜV certification means each SQ4112 truss segment has passed rigorous testing to ensure premium quality, durability and safety for many years of service. With the SQ4112, you can have complete confidence in your trussing equipment.

Versatile and Easy to Configure

With a simple square profile and included connecting hardware, the SQ4112 truss segments can be arranged into a wide range of shapes and structures. Easily build basic straight sections, corners, arches, circles, and complex multi-level designs. The lightweight yet rugged construction of the SQ4112 makes reconfiguring and repositioning a breeze. For maximum versatility and convenience in a trussing system, the SQ4112 is an ideal solution.

Compact Profile for Easy Transport

Measuring just seven feet in length with a square cross-section of 11.42" x 11.42", the SQ4112 truss segment is highly compact and portable. Its streamlined shape and aluminum construction allow for easy handling, loading, and shipping. Once on location, the SQ4112 sets up quickly thanks to its tool-free connecting hardware and intuitive assembly. For productions on the go, the transport-friendly SQ4112 is a perfect choice.

GLOBAL TRUSS SQ4112 6.56 Ft. (2 M) Square Truss Straight Segment

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  • Powder coated 6.56 ft. piece
  • Includes hardware
  • 11-7/16 in. (290 mm) overall width
  • 2 in. (50 mm) outer diameter tubing
  • 3/4 in. (20 mm) diagonal bracing
  • .08 in. (2 mm) wall thickness
  • Unit weight: 31 lb.