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The Model D synthesizer is one of the most popular and most recreated synths in the world. The GForce Software Minimonsta, delivers and incredibly accurate, highly detailed emulation that’s also endowed with some serious personality of its own. With over 6000 factory patches, including many created by legendary keyboard and synth master, Rick Wakeman, the Minimonsta boasts all the features of the original, including the famous 4-pole, 24/db/octave filter. It adds additional LFO and ADSR for the ability to modulate almost every parameter, giving it unparalleled programmability.

A big advantage of the GForce Minimonsta is the ability to step beyond the single LFO of the original instrument. The added power here is the ability to assign an LFO to almost any parameter. From filter cutoff and resonance to individual oscillator volume and envelope parameters. The availability of multiple waveform, sync and delay options for these LFOs, is a huge expansion of the sonic possibilities. These are expanded even more by the possibility to add an extra ADSR to each of the applied LFOs. This is an instrument that will give you years of discovering new sounds, based on just that, alone.

But, there’s more. — GForce added the unique Melohman octave, which gives you the ability to dynamically morph between up to twelve patches within what they refer to as a “Meta-Patch, greatly increasing real-time control dynamics for stunning live performance possibilities. So if you love the original Model D sound, the GForce Minimonsta will take you places you could only dream of before.
GForce Minimonsta Virtual Analog Synthesizer

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  • Analog modelling of the legendary 'Model D'
  • All original features including 3 oscillators and the famous 4-pole, 24dB/octave filter
  • Additional LFO & ADSR for modulation of almost every parameter
  • Vast MIDI control possibilities
  • Monophonic, polyphonic, legato and unison trigger modes
  • Fully programmable with over 6000 factory patches (including many from Rick Wakeman)
  • Real-time morphing between up to twelve patches via keyboard control
  • External input allows filter to be used as plug-in effect
  • Delay effect
  • Full automation support