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The Friedman Little Sister is a 20W tube guitar amplifier head that packs legendary British tone into a highly portable package. Built to Dave Friedman's exacting standards, the Little Sister utilizes premium components to reproduce the chime and grit of vintage EL84-powered amps. Now guitarists can achieve thick, saturated overdrive or pristine cleans at lower volumes, thanks to the Little Sister's master volume and gain controls. The 3-band EQ provides versatile tone shaping to suit any genre.

Revolutionary Gain Switching

The Little Sister's innovative S-switch optimizes the amp's gain structure for your instrument. Select between higher headroom and singing overdrive with the flip of a switch. Friedman's innovative gain-switching technology provides more versatility than a single channel could offer alone.

Enhanced High-Frequency Clarity

Activate the Little Sister's B-switch to boost high-end articulation and tighten the low end. The B-switch enhances pick attack and adds chime for a livelier tone overall. With the B-switch engaged, leads cut through the mix with ease.

Ultra-Transparent Effects Loop

The Little Sister features Friedman's Ultra-transparent series effects loop, which handles time-based effects, modulation pedals, and rack units without tone loss or added noise. The series loop maintains the integrity of both your dry signal and effects.

Friedman Little Sister 20W Tube Guitar Amp Head Black
Friedman Little Sister 20W Tube Guitar Amp Head Black
Friedman Little Sister 20W Tube Guitar Amp Head Black

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  • 20-watt cathode-biased amp head
  • Two EL84 power tubes
  • Three 12AX7 preamp tubes
  • Effects loop

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