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The First Note 25-Note (G-G) Bell Set With Case features electronically-tuned steel bars, a durable case and all the components needed to start playing, this high-quality set inspires musicians of all skill levels.

Electronically-Tuned Precision

With each of the 25 bars tuned electronically to A-440, musicians can enjoy consistently accurate pitch and intonation. The precision tuning, paired with the pure steel bars, results in a musical tone that rings true. Musicians can have confidence in the tuning and focus on their playing.

Durable Yet Portable

While the select hardwood frames and steel bars provide durability, the high-impact plastic case allows for easy transport and storage. Musicians can safely take their set anywhere without worry of damage. The lightweight, compact size also makes the set easy to carry, perfect for bringing music to schools, churches, nursing homes and more.

Versatile and Creative

With a range of 2 chromatic octaves from G to G, musicians have 25 notes to compose simple children's songs, complex classical pieces or their own original creations. The versatility of the set inspires creativity, allowing musicians to explore new musical territory.

High-Quality Components

Constructed from select hardwood and steel, this bell set is built to last through years of musical enjoyment and exploration. The hardwood frames provide excellent projection and resonance, while the steel bars offer a pure, resonant tone. All components are crafted to high standards, ensuring an instrument musicians will treasure for life.

First Note 25-Note (G-G) Bell Set With Case
First Note 25-Note (G-G) Bell Set With Case
First Note 25-Note (G-G) Bell Set With Case