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Exploring the Switchboard Effects Operator | Fender


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From clunky and overcrowded bird’s nests, to complex all-in-one boxes, pedalboards have certainly evolved over time. Always on the cutting edge, Fender has created a must-have solution for pedalboard aficionados the world over—the Switchboard Effects Operator. The process of defining your instrument’s sound was once as simple as selecting one single, carefully chosen stompbox. Famous musicians have used their effects to cement their place in music history with the iconic tones found on our favorite records. But modern players find themselves faced with a never-ending dilemma: How do I stand out, and how can my rig change and adapt to the demands of my songs—and furthermore, my ideas—require? With the Switchboard Effects Operator, Fender has made it easy for you to perfect your tonal workflow and tap into your creativity with a streamlined and compact effects-switching solution. It has never been simpler to take your tone from a lifeless one-trick pony to professional-grade powerhouse with this easy-to-use effects hub, capable of utilizing an array of stompboxes, processors and additional functions.

Fender Switchboard Effects Operator Pedal

One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for Pedalboard-kind

Designed in collaboration with Ron Menelli, the leading loop-switching expert called on by professional musicians, Switchboard Effects Operator represents the culmination of years of research, problem solving and industry-leading technology. It utilizes five rearrangeable relay true-bypass effects loops in combination with a powerful processor to intuitively reroute your pedalboard. Throughout this process, it maintains a high-fidelity, completely analog signal path worthy of the most discerning audio purists. You can use the Switchboard to access any combination of your pedals in any order you wish. When you want to change things up, you can toggle multiple or individual effects on or off, and even control your amp’s footswitches and MIDI-enabled pedals.

Fender Switchboard Effects Operator Modes

Let’s Try Something New

With rearrangeable effects loops, you can explore well beyond the confines of your pedalboard without unplugging and rearranging the entire thing. Venture into new sonic territory by experimenting with the routing of your existing effects to discover a world of tone you’ve never imagined before. Swap your fuzz and your reverb, or your delay and your chorus. Creating your own unique sounds has never been faster and more intuitive.

Fender Switchboard Effects Operator Loop Mode

Stellar Space Saver

To further meet the needs of musicians that are seeking serious pedalboard perfection, Fender designed the Switchboard Effects Operator with conservation in mind. The last thing your board needs is less space, so the Switchboard measures a mild 9.5" x 4.5" and packs a serious punch into this compact space. If you’re looking to further control your sound, you can connect an expression pedal to the EXP jack to take control of the internal volume pedal of the Switchboard Effects Operator. Plus, with an integrated tuner and easily accessible jacks, your pedalboard will have enough room for you to incorporate even more effects into your rig.

Fender Switchboard Effects Operator Overview

Dancing Days

What makes the Switchboard Effects Operator stand out is its truly remarkable flexibility. Loop Mode delivers performance-focused, real-time pedalboard control and provides an ideal space for you to craft your own presets. By consolidating the on/off controls of up to five effects and external footswitch to one location, Fender has defeated the dreaded "tap dancing" musicians have long grappled with, for good. Editor Mode gives you full control of all the parameters saved to each of your presets using an easily accessible graphic menu. With the ability to edit effect loop order and status, select which FTSW conductors you want to be activated, turn buffers on and off, edit MIDI messages and name your presets, Editor Mode gives you everything you need to dive into the deep end of tonal bliss. Plus, with Bank Mode, you can organize and access 100 banks of your own user-made presets.

Musicians far and wide have been waiting for the control and versatility their pedalboards need to join them on the quest for the ultimate tone. The Switchboard Effects Operator is the companion we’ve all been seeking on this journey, putting intuitive effects routing into the hands of creative performers of all skill levels. With its simple layout, in-depth functionality and high-quality signal path, you’ll be able to tweak and define your sound for years to come. Bring your rig into the modern age or give your tone a blast from the past with the Fender Switchboard Effects Operator.

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