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The Fender Engine Room LVL8 Power Supply delivers isolated, regulated power for up to 8 guitar pedals. The LVL8's anodized aluminum chassis houses eight individually isolated power outlets to prevent interference—six provide a consistent 9 volts of DC power at 500 milliamps for standard pedals, while two additional outlets offer switchable 9, 12 or 18 volts for more specialized effects.

Clean, Consistent Power for Optimal Tone

Nothing impacts your tone like inconsistent power. The LVL8's eight isolated power outlets provide a clean, regulated signal to all your pedals for the best possible sound. Its premium components are engineered to minimize noise and deliver the voltage and current your pedals need to perform as intended. The result is transparent, articulate tone with plenty of dynamic range.

Convenient Connectivity and Control

With six always-on 9V 500mA ports and two switchable output ports, the LVL8 can power a combination of standard pedals and more specialized effects with different voltage requirements. Color-coded LEDs indicate power status for each output at a glance. Measuring just 5.5"x3.5", the LVL8's compact chassis fits easily on most pedalboards, freeing up space for more pedals. Its lightweight design also makes the LVL8 ideal for gigging guitarists on the go.

Road-Tested Reliability

The LVL8 Power Supply is designed and tested in Southern California by Fender's team of experts. Its premium components and rugged yet lightweight aluminum chassis are built to withstand the rigors of live performance and life on the road. Fender's commitment to quality and craftsmanship ensure years of flawless power delivery for your pedalboard.

Fender Engine Room LVL8 Power Supply
Fender Engine Room LVL8 Power Supply
Fender Engine Room LVL8 Power Supply

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  • 8 ground isolated outputs – 6 outlets fixed 9Vdc at 500mA and 2 outlets with switchable voltage (9v/12v/18v)
  • Global mains input voltage (100-240Vac) 50/60Hz for use anywhere in the world
  • Standard IEC mains voltage connector
  • Cable kit included

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  • Length 214 mm (8.425 in); Width 90 mm (3.543 in); Height 42 mm (1.654 in)
  • 5V USB-A and USBC output for charging smart devices

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