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The Recirculate plugin from Newfangled Audio is far more than just another delay effect. With its exceptional blend of independent timing controls, flexible delay behaviors, precision syncing tools and extensive sound-shaping options, Recirculate offers producers and musicians direct creative control over rhythmic echoes. Take your tracks to new depths by crafting simple or complex echoes with ease using Recirculate.

Sculpt Rhythmic Diversity With Dual Time Control

At the heart of Recirculate is its Dual Time Control, which lets you manipulate the timing of initial delays and repeating echoes completely independently. This opens up limitless options for polyrhythmic creativity. You can create echoes that sync precisely with your track using note values, steps or milliseconds for perfect timing. The rhythmic diversity you can achieve with Recirculate's split timing configuration is unparalleled.

Choose From Four Flexible Delay Behaviors

Recirculate features four different delay behaviors to suit any creative need. The Pitch Warp mode shifts the pitch of repeats for vivid textures, while the Ping Pong mode bounces echoes from left to right in the stereo field. Additionally the Granular mode slices echoes into tiny grains for ambient diffusion and the standard mode provides clear, pristine repeats. With this level of flexibility, you can always find the ideal delay sound.

Shape and Focus Your Echoes

Getting your delays to sit perfectly in a mix is easy with Recirculate's integrated sound-shaping tools. The high and low cut filters with morphable shapes allow you to carve out space in the frequency spectrum. The Transient Designer lets you control the attack of echoes, removing clutter while maintaining rhythmic integrity. The dynamics processing - compressor, de-esser and gate - grants advanced command over the echo envelope. You can even add lush reverb for increased diffusion and tails.

Find Your Echo Personality

At the core of any great delay is its essential character and vibe. Recirculate gives you 28 different character and noise combination presets to explore, each imparting echoes with a distinct personality. Blend Recirculate's character effects like distortion, chorus and filtering into your dry signal too for integrated delay effects. With extensive options, it's easy to get the delay tone you're seeking, from crisp and clean to warped and degraded.

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  • Craft simple or complex rhythmic echoes effortlessly with Recirculate
  • Choose from Standard, Pitch Warp, Ping Pong, and Granular delay modes for unparalleled creative versatility
  • Character Section: Delve into 28 unique character and noise combinations for a distinct echo personality
  • Utilize Chorus, Spread, XFeed and Granular Spray to add depth and dimension

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