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The EVANS RealFeel 2-sided speed and workout drum pad provides drummers an unparalleled practice experience. This innovative 12" pad features two playing surfaces—a natural gum rubber side for authentic rebound and a recycled rubber side for intense stick control training—allowing drummers to hone their skills wherever inspiration strikes. EVANS, an industry leader committed to crafting premium drum gear for over 40 years, this pad is designed the to meet the needs of the most dedicated drummers. The RealFeel 2-sided speed and workout drum pad will elevate your practice to new heights.

Natural Gum Rubber Surface Responds Like a Real Drum

The natural gum rubber side of the RealFeel pad provides a texture and rebound highly reminiscent of an acoustic drum head. Drummers can execute complex rudiments, work on timing, and groove along to songs while experiencing the familiar feel of their drum set. The recycled rubber reverse side offers a harder, slicker surface for building speed, endurance and control. With two unique playing experiences in one pad, drummers have everything they need for focused, comprehensive practice.

Dense Foam Base Provides a Stable Platform

The RealFeel pad features a dense foam base that prevents excess movement during intense practice sessions. Drummers can strike the pad with confidence knowing it will remain securely in place on any surface, from a tabletop to a snare stand. The foam material also dampens vibration and limits excess noise, making this pad an ideal option for apartment living or late-night practice.

Highly Portable for Practice Anywhere

Weighing just 2.2 pounds, the RealFeel pad is extremely lightweight and portable. Drummers can easily transport this pad to and from the practice space, rehearsal studio or gig. The included carrying case provides durable protection and convenient storage for sticks, mallets and other accessories. With the RealFeel pad, drummers have a singular solution for focused practice no matter where inspiration strikes.

Additional Features for Optimal Performance

The RealFeel pad measures 12" in diameter, providing ample surface area for complex exercises and sticking patterns. It also includes a bolt-through design for secure mounting to most standard snare stands. The non-slip rubber feet prevent sliding on flat surfaces. Combining premium components with an innovative two-sided design, the RealFeel 2-sided speed and workout drum pad delivers an unparalleled practice experience for dedicated drummers everywhere.

Evans RealFeel 2-Sided Speed and Workout Drum Pad Gray 12 in.
Evans RealFeel 2-Sided Speed and Workout Drum Pad Gray 12 in.

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  • 6" diameter
  • Hard recycled rubber on one side
  • Gum rubber on one side

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