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This innovative drumhead combines punchy attack, rich sustain, and sensitive responsiveness that suits any musical genre. Its single-ply, 10-mil film provides an open tone that resonates powerfully. A coating treatment adds warmth, focus, and depth, allowing for a broad tuning range from low rumble to sharp crack. The G1 Coated is a dynamic and adaptable drumhead choice for working drummers.

Single-Ply Film Offers Expressive Sound

The G1 Coated features a single ply of 10-mil film that produces an articulate tone with long sustain and sensitivity. Its thin, responsive film allows drummers to achieve a wide range of sounds from bright and cutting to deep and resonant based on tuning and playing technique. The single-ply construction provides an open, natural quality that complements any shell material.

Coating Adds Warmth and Punch

A proprietary coating treatment gives the G1 Coated added warmth, focus, and attack. The coating helps dampen and focus the single-ply film, producing a warmer, fuller tone with a slight midrange boost and longer sustain. These tonal enhancements make the G1 Coated suitable for recording applications where a balanced and controlled sound is desired.

American-Made Quality

Like all Evans drumheads, the G1 Coated is designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA using high-quality materials and innovative production techniques. Rigorous quality control and testing ensure consistency and durability. The G1 Coated is a reliable, professional-grade drumhead that provides powerful, nuanced sound in any musical situation.

Versatile and Road-Ready

With its blend of projection, sensitivity, and tonal focus, the G1 Coated is a versatile choice for drummers in any genre. It produces full, cutting tones for rock, crisp articulation for jazz, and sensitivity for orchestral playing. Its 10-mil single-ply film is durable yet responsive, handling the demands of frequent gigging and transport. The G1 Coated is a bold-sounding, adaptable drumhead for any musical purpose.

collapse expand iconFeatures

  • Coated
  • Moderate attack
  • Very warm tone
  • Moderate sustain
  • Medium soft feel
  • Moderately durable

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