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This adjustable dampening system puts bass drum resonance at your fingertips, allowing drummers to shape their low-end attack and sustain with ease. Comprised of a hinged damping pad that bounces off the bass drumhead upon impact before settling in to dampen vibrations, the EQ Pad provides a balanced tone that enhances both live and studio performance.

Fine-Tune Your Bass Drum's Voice

While bass drum blankets offer inconsistent and hard to replicate results, the EQ Pad provides adjustable yet consistent damping that allows drummers to home in on their ideal bass drum tone. The hinged pad's slight rebound effect enables a hint of resonance before muting the drumhead, resulting in a full, punchy bass drum sound that cuts through the mix. For minimal damping, the opposite end of the EQ Pad features a smaller pad that gently mutes overtones when placed at the edge of the drumhead. With the EQ Pad, drummers gain complete control over their bass drum's depth and projection.

Simple and Secure Velcro Setup

Designed for drummers on the go, the Evans EQ Pad attaches to the bass drum shell using heavy-duty Velcro strips for a setup that takes seconds. The Velcro attachment allows drummers to remove and reattach the EQ Pad at will without altering their drum tone, ideal for packing up a kit or adjusting dampening between live sets. The EQ Pad works on bass drums of all sizes, from small jazz kicks to larger rock bass drums, providing a one-size-fits-all solution for any gig or recording session.

Enhance Your recordings and Live Sound

The EQ Pad helps drummers achieve a balanced bass drum tone that translates perfectly to live sound and recordings. By taming unwanted overtones and controlling resonance, the EQ Pad tightens up the bass drum sound for a punchy, defined tone that provides a solid foundation for the overall drum mix. For studio use, the EQ Pad works seamlessly with close-micing techniques, capturing a full bass drum tone without the "boomy" quality that plagues many dampening options.