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Epiphone Solid Body Electric Guitars

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You shouldn't have to pay an arm and a leg to be the proud owner of a high-quality electric guitar - and thanks to Epiphone, you don't have to. Epiphone is respected by strummers, pluckers and shredders from around the world because of their dedication to constructing solid body guitars that look and sound incredible - but are also affordable. In fact, you could go to your friend's basement for a weekend jam or to see a famous rock band on the biggest stage in town, and an Epiphone solid body electric guitar could easily be present at both. Throughout Epiphone's catalog, you'll notice quickly that it's full of top-rated items and best sellers. From limited edition Les Paul's to shred machines like the 1984 Explorer, Epiphone has a solid-body electric for anyone who has a passion for playing. Of course, the right one for you will be a matter of personal preference, but any aspiring rocker would love the G-310 SG Electric Guitar. Boasting a bolt-on mahogany neck, a chrome LockTone Tune-O-Matic bridge and 2 hot-wired humbuckers, this lean machine plays like a dream, and it can easily go from a warm distortion to an ear-piercing scream. As implied earlier, Epiphone solid body electric guitars are used by many famous players, and some have even collaborated with Epiphone to design their own signature models. For example, the Limited Edition 2014 Joe Bonamassa Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar in Pelham Blue is everything you'd expect and more from the modern American blues rock icon. Featuring Gibson USA BurstBucker-2/3 humbuckers, a custom Jon Bonamassa neck profile and premium Grover 18:1 machine heads, this guitar is designed for the player's player, just how Joe prefers it. Additionally, this model comes with a Lifton case, so you have peace of mind knowing that this beauty is well protected anywhere you take it. It's incredible to think how committed Epiphone is to musicians of all tastes and playing styles - but when you consider that they've been making instruments since 1873, it's really no surprise. Whether you're a jazz virtuoso, a hardcore punk fan or a classic rock enthusiast, a solid body electric guitar can be found courtesy of Epiphone - one of America's oldest and most admired instrument makers.