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The Epiphone Jack Casady Bass delivers a wide range of amazing acoustic and electric bass tones. This signature model, designed with rock legend Jack Casady, features a stylish semi-acoustic laminate maple body and a special low-impedance, low-output humbucker that captures Casady's iconic full-bodied tone with excellent clarity and definition. The VariTone impedance shifting circuit provides a broad spectrum of high-quality bass sounds to suit any musical situation. The Epiphone Jack Casady Bass combines deep, articulate tone with classic semi-hollowbody style.

Semi-Hollow Maple Body Produces Natural, Woody Tone

The Epiphone Jack Casady Bass features a unique semi-hollow maple body construction that allows the top to vibrate freely, resulting in a warm, woody tone. A mahogany center block under the bridge adds sustain and helps prevent feedback. This innovative design provides the resonant qualities of a hollowbody with the stability of a solidbody.

Special Low-Impedance Humbucker Delivers Signature Sound

Designed in collaboration with Jack Casady, the bass's low-impedance JCB-1 humbucker produces a full, articulate tone that brings Casady's iconic sound to life. The pickup's broad frequency response captures rich lows, crisp highs, and a throaty midrange. Variable coil tapping allows switching between single-coil and humbucker modes for a range of classic Fender and Gibson styled tones.

VariTone Circuit Provides Tonal Versatility

The VariTone impedance selector offers three pickup settings—high, medium, and low—to suit any playing situation. High impedance mode produces a bright, clear tone with an acoustic vibe. Medium impedance delivers a balanced, all-purpose sound with piano-like clarity. Low impedance mode creates a deep, growling tone perfect for rock. Using the VariTone in combination with the volume and tone knobs provides a wide spectrum of bass sounds.

Playability and Style

The set maple neck and rosewood fretboard provide a comfortable playing feel. Stylish features include pearloid trapezoid inlays, body binding, and Jack Casady's signature on the headstock. With pro-quality components, construction and Jack Casady's influential design, the Epiphone Jack Casady Bass brings rock legend style and tone within reach of every bassist.

Epiphone Jack Casady Bass Faded Pelham Blue
Epiphone Jack Casady Bass Faded Pelham Blue
Epiphone Jack Casady Bass Faded Pelham Blue

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  • Maple body
  • Mahogany block under bridge
  • Set maple neck
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • Low-impedance JCB-1 humbucker
  • VariTone control
  • Volume and tone knobs
  • Pearloid trapezoid inlays
  • Body binding
  • Jack Casady headstock signature

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