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ELIXIR Strings HD Light Development


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The Nanoweb HD Light Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings from Elixir Strings. Constructed with phosphor bronze wrap wire and Elixir's ultra-thin Nanoweb coating, these light gage strings provide acoustic players a dynamic balance of robust, bassy tone and sparkling treble clarity that lasts up to 5 times longer than uncoated strings.

Nanoweb Coating: Uncoated Feel, Protected Performance

Elixir's innovative Nanoweb coating protects the whole string, preserving the spaces between windings where tone-deadening buildup typically occurs with other brands. Despite the coating, these strings maintain an uncoated feel and natural tone. The result is strings that sound fresh longer, eliminating the need for frequent changes.

Phosphor Bronze Wrap: Rich, Warm Tone

Phosphor bronze wrap wire produces a rich, bassy tone with bright clarity, ideal for emphasizing the natural tone of mahogany, sapele or other dark-sounding acoustic guitars. These strings bring out the warmth and resonance of the instrument, with clear, ringing highs.

Light Gauge: Comfort Meets Playability

The light 13-53 gauge provides comfortable playability for most acoustic guitars. The lighter construction makes bending and fretting easier while still producing a full, balanced tone across the tonal spectrum.

Environmentally-Friendly Packaging

In line with Elixir's commitment to sustainability, these strings come in recyclable packaging made from recycled materials. Guitar players can feel good about choosing a product that cares for the planet.

Elixir Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings With NANOWEB Coating, HD Light (.013-.053)
Elixir Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings With NANOWEB Coating, HD Light (.013-.053)
Elixir Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings With NANOWEB Coating, HD Light (.013-.053)

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  • Gauges .013, .017, .025, .032, .042, .053
  • Acoustic guitar strings constructed with phosphor bronze wrap wire 
  • Played for a dynamic balance of rich, full-bodied tone and sparkling high-end clarity 
  • Ultra-thin NANOWEB Coating provides a traditionally textured, "uncoated" feel Patented coating technology protects against common corrosion, extending tone life longer than any other brand’s coated or uncoated strings (Elixir Strings player survey) 
  • America’s #1 acoustic guitar string brand–MI SalesTrak (US $ Vol)

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