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Elixir Electric Guitar Strings

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As any experienced guitar player will tell you, strings play an important role in the resulting sound of your instrument. Of course, it's for this reason that professional musicians around the globe rely on Elixir to make their skills heard in all their glory. Top recording artists often report that Elixir electric guitar strings produce a tone that lasts longer than any other string on the market, including Rick Springfield, Keith Moody and Gus G of Ozzy Osbourne. With names like that, you can believe us when we say that Elixir electric guitar strings are designed with your aspirations in mind. So what makes Elixir strings so great? First and foremost, they use a patented coating technology. In fact, they're the only brand who coats the entire string. By doing this, Elixir electric guitar strings have an incredible lifespan. For proof, check out the Light Nanoweb Electric Guitar Strings. Nanoweb strings are often favored for their bright sound and coating that's so thin you can barely see it. Using a revolutionary Anti-Rust plating on the plain strings, Nanowebs are capable of lasting 3 to 5 times longer than regular strings. No matter how hard or how often you play, these strings will feel terrific under your hands time and again. Now for those who are after warm tone that feels "played in", take a look at Elixir's Polyweb string choices. Covered with a space age polymer tube that contacts the string on the tops of the windings only, the Light Polyweb Electric Guitar Strings provide you with exceptional tone through countless strums and plucks. This string set is one of Elixir's best sellers - and the second you begin playing them, you'll understand why. As you've probably guessed, Elixir's catalog of electric guitar strings goes well beyond these two choices. From light and medium options to 2-packs and even sets for baritone electrics, Elixir is dedicated to providing musicians of all tastes and styles with strings that are durable, feel comfortable, and sound pristine.