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The BRKT-POLE-S short wall mount bracket from Electro-Voice provides an adjustable way to mount your 8" or 10" powered speakers or monitors. Designed for smaller speakers, this sturdy steel bracket fits nearly any model with a standard pole cup mount. With it, you can angle your speakers up or down and swivel them left or right to aim the sound where you want it. The BRKT-POLE-S makes it easy to install compact speakers on walls or vertical poles for events, presentations or performances.

Fits Most Speakers With the Versatile Pole Cup Mount

The universal BRKT-POLE-S bracket is made to work with almost any 8" or 10" speaker that has a standard pole cup mount. Its steel housing and clamps are engineered to safely hold speakers weighing up to 75 lb. while giving you adjustment flexibility. For Electro-Voice models, the BRKT-POLE-S accommodates the compact EVOLVE 10, EVOLVE 10M and ZLX-10P powered speakers. It also fits comparable speakers from other top brands, letting you mount your preferred monitors or PA speakers.

Tilt and Pan for Optimal Sound Coverage

Once mounted, the BRKT-POLE-S bracket provides a tilt range of 30 degrees down and 5 degrees up so you can angle your speakers to project sound directly at your audience. The ball joint lets you pan your speakers left or right to widen the coverage area. Whether you need focused monitoring for a vocalist or dispersement for a small room, the tilt and pan controls help optimize your compact speakers' output.

Heavy-Duty Steel Housing for Secure Mounting

Constructed from rugged steel, the BRKT-POLE-S provides a secure foundation for your speakers. Its dual clamps lock tightly onto poles up to 2.3" in diameter or flat surfaces like walls. Large knobs make it easy to adjust the angle settings. Once mounted, your speakers stay put. The sturdy housing also acts as a safety cage around the rear of the speaker. With a 75 lb weight capacity, you can trust the BRKT-POLE-S to hold most compact, powered speakers.

Quick and Simple Installation

Designed for fast setup, the BRKT-POLE-S bracket installs in just a few minutes. All necessary hardware is included so you can attach it to walls and poles right out of the box. The angled screw slots allow some wiggle room to get the perfect angle. To mount your speaker, just slide its pole cup into the BRKT-POLE-S and tighten the clamp screws. Then adjust the tilt and pan settings as needed. With its versatile fitting and secure grip, the BRKT-POLE-S bracket lets you easily place your speakers where you want them.

For a flexible way to mount your compact 8" or 10" powered speakers, choose the BRKT-POLE-S universal short bracket. Its sturdy steel housing provides safe, adjustable positioning for optimum sound coverage.

Electro-Voice BRKT-POLE-S Short Wall Mount Bracket For 8" and 10" Loudspeakers
Electro-Voice BRKT-POLE-S Short Wall Mount Bracket For 8" and 10" Loudspeakers
Electro-Voice BRKT-POLE-S Short Wall Mount Bracket For 8" and 10" Loudspeakers

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  • Maximum downward tilt: 30 degrees
  • Maximum upward tilt: 5 degrees, speaker dependent
  • Maximum weight capacity/working load limit: 34.1 kg (75 lb)

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