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The BRKT-POLE-L long wall mount bracket from Electro-Voice gives you versatile mounting options for your 12" and 15" powered speakers. With its sturdy steel construction, integrated tilt and pan adjustments and wide compatibility, the BRKT-POLE-L makes it easy to mount your speakers and dial in their coverage. The long bracket is designed specifically for larger, heavier speakers weighing up to 75 lb.

Achieve Optimal Direction With Tilt and Pan Control

Finding the perfect angle for your speakers just got easier. The BRKT-POLE-L bracket enables up to 30 degrees of downward tilt so you can aim your speakers at your audience. An upward tilt up to 5 degrees helps optimize your coverage area. The horizontal pan adjustment lets you swivel your mounted speaker left or right to direct the sound where you want it. With this much flexibility, you can install your speakers in challenging spaces and still achieve clear, even coverage across the room.

Mount Virtually Any Speaker With the Universal Design

Thanks to its universal pole cup mount, the BRKT-POLE-L bracket allows you to install nearly any speaker weighing up to 75 lb. As long as your speaker has a built-in pole socket, this sturdy bracket can handle it. The long bracket is sized perfectly for larger 12" and 15" powered speakers from Electro-Voice and other popular brands. You get the versatility to use speakers from different manufacturers together, mounted securely.

Heavy-Duty Steel Construction Provides a Secure Mount

You can trust your expensive speakers to this tough bracket. The BRKT-POLE-L is constructed from robust steel to safely hold speakers weighing up to 75 pounds. The heavy-duty build quality gives you confidence that your speakers will stay put through countless gigs and events. The angled design also adds stability by keeping the center of gravity close to the wall. Your speakers get the strength and security they need.

Quick and Easy Installation

Mounting your speakers is hassle-free thanks to the BRKT-POLE-L's simple yet secure installation. Just insert the provided screws into the wall, slide the bracket onto them and lock the pole cup mount onto your speaker's socket. Within minutes, your speakers will be mounted securely in the desired position. The intuitive adjustments make it easy to tweak the angle and coverage. With minimal time and effort, your speakers will be ready to deliver powerful sound.

Whether you need to cover a crowded room or optimize placement in a challenging corner, the BRKT-POLE-L long wall mount bracket gives you the adjustable mounting solution. Take control over the direction and projection of your large 12" and 15" speakers with sturdy support and universal compatibility.

Electro-Voice BRKT-POLE-L Long Wall Mount Bracket For 12" and 15" Loudspeakers
Electro-Voice BRKT-POLE-L Long Wall Mount Bracket For 12" and 15" Loudspeakers
Electro-Voice BRKT-POLE-L Long Wall Mount Bracket For 12" and 15" Loudspeakers

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  • Maximum downward tilt: 30 degrees
  • Maximum upward tilt: 5 degrees, speaker dependent
  • Maximum weight capacity/working load limit: 34.1 kg (75 lb)

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