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Add that extra flair of creativity to your production with Hollywood Fantasy Voices, the perfect bridge between cinematic singing and the dreamy world beyond. EastWest meticulously built these sounds with multiple microphone positions, portamento control, and mood (Soft, Classic, and Epic) so you can command the mythical vocals you need for your newest epic soundtrack.

Hollywood Fantasy Voices uses the melodic sound of Merethe Soltvedt’s along with male and female choirs. Anytime you need ethereal, floating vocals to capture the essence of battles, lost kingdoms or emotional trials, Merethe’s voice will set your scene the way nothing else can. Every word she recorded for the Hollywood Fantasy Voices library comes directly from Tolkien’s Elvish language, allowing you to make your scores as authentic as possible.

Simply hold a single note and let Merethe’s mythical vocals do the rest. You can switch between Lyrical (for dramatic, dynamic vowels) and Vibrato (for higher-energy sustained vowels) to add an instant mysterious, regal tone to your scores. Every note is brimming with emotion and magic, and ready to enhance your soundtrack.

For dramatic melodies that demand deeper realism and expression. These true legato passages help evoke images of rolling hills, distant castles and all manner of fantasy settings. Grand, expressive legato transitions were recorded in both ascending and descending octaves, allowing you to make larger intervals feel effortless.

Merethe recorded sixty different words in Elvish from Tolkien’s original language across a wide range of notes, which can perform in isolation or together to craft unique phrases and sentences. Even if it's a subtle detail, your listeners will feel it and it'll set your music apart.

Use Phrases when you need to set the mood for brooding, somber and ominous fantasy scores. These ad lib phrases let you create the perfect realistic and emotional sound by playing a single note. All are organized into patches by key, so you never have to go hunting for the perfect vocal part when you’re deep in writing mode.

Hollywood Fantasy Voices wouldn’t be complete without a full choir to back up your solo singer, so ethereal male and female groups were added to provide a rich palette to underscore the most gallant and potent moments in any project. Their performance style has traditional folk inspirations, perfect when conventional “epic” choirs simply don’t do the job.

A Keyswitch section brings the rest of the instruments together into several condensed patches, allowing you to include all the fantasy voices you want with less tracks and menu diving. These include a full choir, men’s/women’s choirs and Merethe’s recordings of sustains, phrases, and Elvish words. If you need to create a fleshed-out score quickly, this will give you the fastest path to bringing your own fantasy vocals to life.
EastWest Hollywood Fantasy Voices Download
EastWest Hollywood Fantasy Voices Download
EastWest Hollywood Fantasy Voices Download

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  • Ethereal, floating vocals to capture the essence of battles, lost kingdoms, or emotional trials
  • 60 different words from Tolkien’s original language which can perform in isolation or chain together
  • Ethereal male and female groups with different vowels provide a rich palette
  • Keyswitch section to bring the rest of the instrument together into several condensed patches

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