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Earos Hearing Protection | EO-BV1-BC

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These innovative filters reduce potentially damaging decibels while allowing the full range of audible frequencies to pass through, so you can enjoy pristine sound quality without risking your hearing health. Perfect for performing musicians, audiophiles, and anyone frequently exposed to loud environments, EAROS ONE has a Noise Reduction Rating of 17 dB, though most users will experience up to 25 dB of noise reduction. The package includes small and large ear tips for maximum comfort, an easy-to-follow instruction manual, and a compact carrying case so you can take your EAROS ONE filters wherever the music takes you.

High-Fidelity Sound Meets Hearing Protection

EAROS ONE is the first of its kind to provide hearing protection and high-fidelity sound in one innovative product. The in-ear filters are designed to reduce only harmful, high-decibel noise while allowing the complete spectrum of audible sound to pass through unimpeded. Experience your favorite music as the artist intended without damaging your hearing or missing out on the nuances that make the listening experience so rewarding. For musicians, EAROS ONE means playing and performing at full volume without worrying about long term hearing damage.

Comfortable, Customizable Fit

EAROS ONE comes with multiple ear tip sizes so you can find your perfect fit. The ear tips are made of soft, pliable silicone to provide all-day comfort with no irritation. They seal out noise without feeling invasive or causing discomfort from extended use. EAROS ONE's ear tips also feature an oval shape that naturally contours to the shape of your ear canal for a snug yet breathable fit.

Compact, Protective Carrying Case

Take your EAROS ONE high-fidelity hearing protection with you wherever life's soundtrack leads. The included carrying case is compact yet durable to protect your filters during transport or storage. Its zippered design keeps out dust and debris when not in use while remaining small enough to easily fit in your pocket or the palm of your hand.

The Total Hearing Solution

EAROS ONE provides premium hearing protection and an unparalleled listening experience in one simple product. For musicians, audiophiles, and anyone frequently exposed to potentially damaging noise levels, EAROS ONE is the all-in-one solution to safeguard your hearing health without sacrificing sound quality. Experience the difference of high-fidelity hearing protection with EAROS ONE.

EAROS ONE High-Fidelity Hearing Protection
EAROS ONE High-Fidelity Hearing Protection
EAROS ONE High-Fidelity Hearing Protection

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