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When most people think of digital clocks, the sound of a loud, ear-piercing noise by their bedside is what most likely springs to mind. But for sound engineers, a digital clock is more than that - in fact, digital clocks are used to provide timing info on the digitization of continuous analog audio signals so they can be sampled precisely at repeating intervals. Digital clocks make digital audio systems more stable to operate, and in this catalog you'll find an impressive variety of top-rated master digital clocks from trusted pro audio companies.

For a master digital clock that will bring clarity and quality to your recordings, check out the Apogee Big Ben 192k Master Digital Clock. At the heart of every word clock regeneration is a phase lock loop (PLL). While most phase lock loops don't have the ability to adapt to the nature of external clocks, Apogee solved this issue by incorporating a C777, which utilizes advanced Direct Digital Synthesis technology. The result is the most aggressive jitter reduction to date. Thanks to the incredible flexibility and stability provided by the C777, the Big Ben will surely blow away any meticulous sound technician.

Drawmer is another respected name in the audio industry and adding the M Clock Plus Master Clock/Dual Sample Rate Converter to your setup is an excellent way to combat digital clicks and pops. This incredible piece of equipment offers clock rates from 44.1 to 192 kHz, coupled to 2 sample rate converters. This means that material can be re-sampled and synchronized to the selected high precision clock. The re-clocking and de-jittering abilities of the M Clock Plus is unrivaled, and any sound engineer with a complex digital setup will benefit from owning one.

When you get right down to it, digital clocks are essential to anyone who owns multiple digital devices. Along with the two digital clocks mentioned, there are many others that deserve consideration, so the next move is yours. No doubt, any one of these digital clocks will make your job a lot easier during the production process.