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Dean Markley Solid State Combo Guitar Amplifiers

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Guitarists of all styles are more than familiar with the name Dean Markley. While the company is known best for their exceptional line of instrument strings, Dean Markley is also admired for their solid state combo guitar amplifiers. Showcasing a look, feel and sound that’s completely their own, Dean Markley solid state combo guitar amplifiers are highly sought after among amp collectors. Make no mistake, if you're seen plugging into a Dean Markley guitar amp, more than a few heads will turn in your direction.

One of Dean Markley's most popular solid state amplifiers was the K-50 model. This amplifier was prized for its solid sound, compact design and versatility. It boasts 2 channels, adjustable gain and typically comes at a very generous price in the used market. If you happen to come across a previously-owned K-50 Guitar Combo Amp, it's definitely worthy of your consideration. For that matter, the same can be said for the DMC-40. Soon after this portable powerhouse was introduced, it earned a considerable amount of praise for its tight, hard-rocking tone. Today, the DMC-40 is a rarity, so count yourself lucky if you find one.

Now, for all you shredders who prefer lots of volume with plenty of crunch to boot, keep your eyes peeled for the DM60RC Guitar Combo Amp. Built to last and built to blast, this killer solid state combo boasts 2 switchable channels: Normal and Overdrive. It also has separate controls for Clean Volume, Drive Gain, Drive Volume, 4-Band EQ, Reverb, Chorus Speed and more. Whether you specialize in crystal-clean rhythms or heavily-distorted leads, your sound will soar when you're on stage and plugged into the DM60RC.

Now that you have some examples of what to look for in this selection of Dean Markley solid state combo guitar amplifiers, the next move is yours. Dean Markley has a reputation for high quality standards and their guitar amps are no exception. No doubt, if you're on the prowl for an amplifier that reflects your desire to stand out from the pack, then a Dean Markley solid state combo guitar amp is for you.