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Dangerous Music BAX EQ

Dangerous Music BAX EQplay button

Dangerous Music BAX EQ

Dangerous Music BAX EQplay button

Dangerous Music BAX EQ

Dangerous Music BAX EQplay button

Dangerous Music BAX EQ

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If anyone could be called "the father of British EQ" it would be Peter Baxandall, from whose insights the Dangerous Music BAX EQ broadband equalizer takes its cues. The Dangerous BAX EQ was inspired by Peter Baxandall's legendary 1950's design that has graced hundreds of millions of home hi-fi systems. The BAX EQ's unique design carves broad, open curves and gentle sloping cuts that are essential for recording, mixing and mastering. Seeking the elusive Top-10 vocal sound? Add that perfect sheen of air. Chasing the chunk in grinding guitars? Dial in the meat. Lush midrange, bottomless bass, and space are achieved effortlessly. Please welcome the BAX EQ to your tools for success- no radical sonic signature to overshadow the music... just your music: neater, richer, sweeter.

"Unlike anything you've heard, but exactly like what you've been seeking." - Phil Demetro, Lacquer Channel Mastering.

The Dangerous Music Legacy:
"Audio Integrity: non-negotiable." This is the credo upon which Dangerous Music is founded. Conceived and designed by end users-not by engineers in lab coats--the results are products that resurrect dynamic range, punch, intelligibility and emotion. These high-fidelity, uncompromised signal paths are achieved by harnessing over 20 years of Chris Muth's design wizardry; creator of infamous custom black boxes for world class facilities like Hit Factory, Masterdisk, Absolute Audio and Sterling Sound Mastering. Then the critical listening skills of golden-eared luminaries are applied, with the result being musical tools that fulfill the actual needs of today's flexible computer based studio.

Why Cut?
Infrasonic rumble and ultrasonic interference are "pc" terms for the audio trash that lurks unnoticed in the extreme frequency wings. This garbage devours dynamic range and creates converter slew rate overload. It's elimination dramatically improves the performance of any A/D-D/A converter, realized as increased low end definition, upper order clarity and higher levels for every playback medium. Combine this power with the shelving filters to instantly commence seriously sexy sonic sculpting. Unique control, delivered musically.

Why So Wide?
The broad bandwidth shelving EQ affects several octaves simultaneously. This intentional design minimizes phase delay and crafts shapely, sweet, subtle sonic sculpting. Remember, steep EQ slopes often generate harsh reflections. The BAX works effortlessly with your music, unlocking a galaxy of depth and dimension previously only accessible by the audiophile elite.

Low Frequency Filters
¢ Feature: Infrasonic rumble reduction.
¢ Benefit: infrasonic rumble is a PC term for the omnipresent low frequency garbage that loiters unnoticed in the audio shadows. This headroom consuming thief propagates from HVAC units, jets, subways and yes, Rayleigh Waves (i.e. earthquakes and Elephants.) Eliminating it dramatically
increases low end clarity and punch while allowing higher maximum levels on any playback device.

High-Frequency Shelf
¢ Feature: Broad bandwidth shelving EQ that affects several octaves.
¢ Benefit: Minimized phase delay for shapely, sweet and subtle sonic sculpting.
¢ Tip: The highest frequency shoulder is approximately twice the listed frequency (where the cut/boost is exactly 5dB). The frequencies noted on the faceplate reside in the middle of this slope, thus corresponding with the most audible band.

Left & Right Cut/Boost
¢ Feature: Individual knobs.
¢ Benefit: Leverage the BAX for M/S stereo tracking or mixing. Additionally, discrete left and right controls allow the correction of any stereo imbalance.

Left & Right Cut/Boost
¢ Feature: Stepped attenuators.
¢ Benefit: Stepped knobs to repeat previous settings with deadly accuracy.

High-Frequency Filters
¢ Feature: Ultrasonic noise reduction.
¢ Benefit: ultrasonic or out-of-band noise is an A/D converter's audio nemesis. Derived from a myriad of man-made and natural sources, it propagates slew rate overload, ultimately manifesting itself as harsh, brittle sound.
¢ Tip: While tracking, utilize the hi-cut filter even when boosting bodacious amounts of top end, thus keeping the treble bright & airy, but not harsh or blaring.

Low-Frequency Shelf
¢ Feature: Broad-bandwidth shelving EQ that affects several octaves.
¢ Benefit: Minimized phase delay for shapely, sweet and subtle sonic sculpting.
¢ Tip: The frequencies noted on the faceplate reside at the bottom shoulder of the slope and reach way into the midrange, thus providing a remarkably natural and smooth character.

Inputs & Outputs
¢ Feature: Neutrik XLR inputs.
¢ Benefit: More surface area for happy electrons to migrate through.

Go ahead and engage the cut controls to remove the garbage and ease the burden on your converters. Now, combine the frequency filters and shelves to leverage these remarkable shaping tools and gracefully sculpt Michelangelo-like audio hillocks and valleys that will lead you down the highway of sonic freedom.

¢ Feature: The frequency-cut filters feature individual relay bypasses.
¢ Benefit: Relays remove the filters entirely from the signal path until desired, for true A/B comparisons.
¢ Tip: Always leave it engaged during tracking and mixing to relieve stress on the converter's filters.

Frequency Filters
¢ Feature: The frequency cut filters each employ a 12dB-per-octave rolloff.
¢ Benefit: Smooth, accurate and musical sounding without artifacts.
¢ Tip: Employ these knobs in conjunction with the shelf controls to instantly create remarkably musical contours.

Engage In/Out
¢ Feature: Hard-wire, bypass-engage switch.
¢ Benefit: Allows true A/B comparisons by completely removing the hardware from the circuit while in bypass.

AC Cable & Switching
¢ Feature: Three-pin IEC cable and selectable voltage.
¢ Benefit: Less things to lose and travel with your favorite gear anywhere in the world!

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Mastering-Grade Components
  • : Components selected for both performance and sound, tested to draconian tolerances, breathe the analog soul back to life for stunning imaging, headroom, punch and detail.
  • : No transformers that color your sound or filter caps that smear stereo. Instead, DC coupling with massive voltage rails and Mogami point-to-point wiring for simple, electronic elegance. Bandwidth from DC to light.
Audio Transparency
  • : A pristine canvas for painting sonic landscapes utilizing your own personal arsenal of plug-ins and outboard gear.
Hand-Assembled In USA
  • : Avoids 6,000 miles of oceanic circuit board rattling, while keeping Americans employed.
Stringent Quality Control
  • : An exceptionally low failure rate keeps you in the studio mixing, not at the UPS store shipping repairs.
  • : 2 years, because it's built to last a lifetime.

collapse expand iconSpecs

Frequency Response
  • +- 0.1dB from 10Hz to 20kHz
  • +- 0.2dB from 1Hz to 80kHz
Maximum level
  • >+28dBu
Noise floor
  • <-92dBu band limited from 22Hz-22kHz
  • <0.002%
  • <0.003%
Crosstalk rejection
  • >105dB
Replacement Fuses
  • USA-500mA fast blow for 120V
  • Europe-250mA fast blow for 240V
  • Input Impedance:
  • 25K Ohms
  • Output Impedance:
  • 50 Ohms

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