With 2 channels of 140W peak power on tap and onboard DSP, the Dynacord L3600D offers plenty of juice to power your passive PA system with authority. Built-in FIR Drive technology and true 2 ohm stability mean your system will sound its best, every time. Thanks to this power amplifier's rock-solid reliability, you will perform with peace of mind at every gig. The L3600FD's intuitive system control software makes setup and control easy, so you spend more time focusing on the performance and less time worrying about your gear.
  • Maximum output, dual channel: 3,000W @2 ohms; 1,700W @4 ohms; 900W @8 ohms
  • Maximum output, bridged: 6,000W @4 ohms; 3,400W @8 ohms
  • Frequency response: 10Hz–21kHz
  • Built-in DSP; true 2 ohm stability
  • FIR Drive technology

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