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The DW Padded Stick Bag lets drummers keep their drumsticks protected and organized. Constructed of durable, black canvas-like material with DW's iconic logo, this padded stick bag features storage for up to two pairs of drumsticks in specialized slots to prevent warping. An external pocket provides space for drum keys, brushes and other small accessories. Stringed hooks allow you to hang the bag on a drum for easy access between songs. Whether you're gigging across town or touring around the world, the DW Padded Stick Bag has you covered.

Protective Padding Keeps Sticks Safe

The DW Padded Stick Bag is designed to protect your sticks from damage during transport and storage. Thick padding lines the sides and bottom of the bag, preventing sticks from denting or cracking. Specialized slots separate each pair of sticks, keeping them straight and avoiding warping. Your sticks will stay in peak condition no matter where your playing takes you.

Convenient External Pocket for Small Accessories

An external zippered pocket provides storage for drum keys, brushes, metronomes and other small accessories. The pocket is large enough to hold multiple items but remains streamlined against the side of the bag. Your most important tools will be at your fingertips whenever you sit behind the kit.

Hang Your Sticks at the Ready

Built-in stringed hooks allow you to hang the DW Padded Stick Bag directly on your drum kit for quick and easy access between songs. Hang the bag on a drum rim or stand to keep your sticks nearby while freeing up space in your hardware bag or stick tray. Your sticks will be readily available whenever the next song calls for a different dynamic or color.

A Stylish Solution for Every Drummer

The DW Padded Stick Bag's simple yet stylish design suits drummers of all types. DW's iconic logo adds a touch of flair while the all-black colorway complements any drum kit esthetic. Functional, protective and fashionable—this stick bag has it all.

DW Padded Stick Bag
DW Padded Stick Bag

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  • Durable construction
  • Outside pocket
  • Sectioned stick slots
  • Stringed hooks