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The DPA 4055 takes the traditional concept of a kick drum mic and turns it on its head, with no more pre-tailored sound. What makes the 4055 stand out from the competition is that it delivers the renowned DPA sound, clarity and linear frequency response, both on-axis and off-axis. Its low frequency response and dynamics are superb and result in a tight, natural, well-defined sound—the best low-end with detailed mids and highs. Its performance allows a professional sound designer to create the exact sound s/he is listening for, regardless of the music genre. For more attack, slide the 4055 into the bass drum and point it directly at the beater. For a super-low-end sound, place the 4055 at the hole, just on the outside of the front head. Here, the level of sub and lows are represented the most.
DPA Microphones Kick Drum Microphone

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  • Picks up the clear, true sound of the kick drum
  • Flat frequency response so you can shape the sound your way
  • Built tough to withstand rough use on the live stage
  • Asymmetric design for easy placement inside or outside

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