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The CSM4000 compact Shockmount from DPA Microphones is the mount you have been looking for. It is designed for rubber suspension of pencil microphones with MMP-ER/ES or MMP-GR/GS preamplifiers on standard microphone stands, the TB4000 table base or the MB4000 magnet base.

The recommended extra-soft rubber mount provides efficient absorption of vibrations that could occur during use. It's fitted with one DDS0019 rubber mount for Ø 19 mm microphones as standard but can also be fitted for Ø 11-13 mm and Ø 16 mm microphones. The robust plastic ring offers excellent protection of the microphone if used, for example, on a drum kit.

The CSM4000 compact shockmount is fitted with an adapter that allows it to be used on up to three of the most popular international standard threads used on microphone stands.
DPA Microphones CSM4000 Compact Shockmount for Pencil Microphones

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