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Introducing D'Addario XTplay button

Introducing D'Addario XT

D'Addario XT: Enhanced Tuning Stability|D'Addario Stringsplay button

D'Addario XT: Enhanced Tuning Stability|D'Addario Strings


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D'Addario's XT Phosphor Bronze acoustic guitar strings feature an innovative coating that provides twice the corrosion resistance of uncoated strings, extending tone life dramatically. The coating is so thin, however, that these strings ring out with the same warm, balanced tone that Phosphor Bronze is known for. You can enjoy the natural feel of uncoated strings with the added benefit of longevity. The XT Phosphor Bronze set is custom light, gauged 11-52, perfectly suited for most acoustic guitars. D'Addario is proud to offer these premium, American-made strings.

Advanced Coating, Authentic Tone

D'Addario developed a specialized coating process that adheres directly to the surface of each string, creating an ultra-thin barrier against the elements. Despite this protective layer, the strings produce a full, resonant tone that sounds and feels like traditional uncoated Phosphor Bronze. The coating is undetectable to the musician's touch, providing natural playability in addition to preventing corrosion.

Superior Tuning Stability

Beneath the groundbreaking coating, XT Phosphor Bronze strings feature D'Addario's NY Steel cores and Fusion Twist technology. The hexagonal NY Steel wire grips each winding tightly, resulting in strings that hold tune better than competitors. Fusion Twist is a revolutionary winding process that produces strings with unparalleled resistance to detuning and breakage. Musicians can perform with confidence, knowing each note will ring true.

Earn Reward Points

With every purchase of XT Phosphor Bronze strings, musicians receive a code to register and earn points in D'Addario's Players Circle rewards program. Redeem points for D'Addario gear, exclusive experiences and other perks. This innovative program provides extra value for loyal D'Addario customers.

Premium Quality, American Craftsmanship

D'Addario has been manufacturing high-quality strings for over 300 years, upholding meticulous standards at their New York facility. Over 500,000 strings are produced daily to exacting specifications, using cutting-edge technology and time-honored techniques. XT Phosphor Bronze strings are a testament to D'Addario's commitment to excellence and their mission to serve musicians worldwide.

D'Addario XT Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings, Custom Light, 11-52
D'Addario XT Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings, Custom Light, 11-52

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XT strings feature an advanced corrosion resistance treatment on every string in the set, preserving the natural tone and feel of uncoated strings

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