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D'Addario's XL Nickel Super Light Short Scale Electric Bass Strings are precision engineered to deliver superior tone and playability for short scale basses. These strings provide a bright, balanced tone that complements any playing style. The nickel-plated steel wrap wire is wound on D'Addario's computer-controlled machines for flawless intonation and tension, resulting in strings that are effortless to fret and ideal for fast techniques. Short scale bassists will appreciate the light gauge and slinky feel, which reduces hand fatigue for longer sessions. For a combination of rich harmonics, punchy fundamentals and buttery playability, the EXL220S strings are essential gear for any short scale bass.

Computer-Controlled Winding for Optimal Tone

D'Addario's advanced computer-controlled winding process precisely aligns the nickel-plated steel wrap wire around the high carbon steel core, creating strings with a clear, balanced tone from the lowest notes to the highest harmonics. The EXL220S strings have a tight, focused low end, warm mids and crisp, singing highs that cut through the mix. Their flawless intonation and tension also provide effortless playability for complex techniques. The end result is a set of strings that enhances the natural tone of any short scale bass.

Ultra Light Gauge for Maximum Comfort

With a light 40-95 gauge, the EXL220S strings have an extremely slinky feel that reduces hand strain, even during extended practice sessions or long gigs. Their low tension makes fretting and fingering chords a breeze, while still providing enough resistance for solid tone production. For short scale bassists, especially those with smaller hands, the EXL220S strings offer maximum comfort and playability.

Consistency You Can Count On

As with all XL strings, the EXL220S Super Light Short Scale Nickel strings are manufactured to D'Addario's exacting quality standards. Made in the USA using state-of-the-art equipment and premium materials, these strings deliver consistent performance, feel and tone over their lifetime. They also retain their tone and intonation for up to 30% longer than typical strings, even after hours of playing. For reliable, studio-quality sound from gig to gig, the EXL220S strings are the professional's choice.

D'Addario EXL220S XL Nickel Super Light Short Scale Electric Bass Strings
D'Addario EXL220S XL Nickel Super Light Short Scale Electric Bass Strings
D'Addario EXL220S XL Nickel Super Light Short Scale Electric Bass Strings

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Gauges: 40, 60, 75, 95

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