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The D'Addario EXL170 Bright Round Wound Nickel Bass Strings provide bassists a blend of power and nuance unmatched in its class. Constructed using D'Addario's high-carbon steel cores and nickel-plated steel wrap wires, the EXL170 strings sing with a distinctive brightness and clarity while still delivering thundering low-end response. Their round-wound construction offers smooth playability and reduced fret wear, allowing bassists to glide up and down the fretboard. For bassists wanting to cut through the mix with articulate tone and fluid playability, the D'Addario EXL170 strings are the superior choice.

Peerless Components for Powerful Tone

The EXL170 strings are built using high-quality materials chosen specifically for their tonal properties. The high-carbon steel cores provide a rigid foundation for the nickel-plated steel wrap wires to adhere to, enabling pounding lows, punchy mids and singing highs. The nickel-plated steel wrap wires are prized for their inherent brightness, clarity and balanced tone. Together, these premium components produce a sound with presence, definition and nuance.

Round-Wound Construction for Smooth Playability

The EXL170 strings utilize a round-wound construction, with the wrap wires wrapped tightly around the steel cores. This construction results in a smooth surface along the string that allows fingers to glide effortlessly up and down the fretboard. The round-wound build also helps reduce fret wear over time compared to other string types. For bassists seeking fluid playability and enhanced finger comfort, the EXL170 round-wound strings are ideal.

A Gauge for Every Playing Style

The EXL170 strings come in a variety of gauges to suit different playing styles and preferences. The Regular Light 45-100 gage offers a versatile blend of tone and playability perfect for most musical applications. For a slinkier feel, the Super Light 40-95 provides extra flexibility and ease of play. Heavier gauges like Medium 50-105 and Heavy 55-110 provide more tension and fuller tone for aggressive styles. With a range of gauges, the EXL170 strings have a set perfect for any bassist.

Trusted by Bassists Worldwide

For decades, D'Addario has been the trusted string brand for bassists in all genres. The EXL170 Bright Round Wound Bass Strings continue this tradition of quality, reliability and peerless tone. The EXL170 strings are ready to elevate your bass tone and playing experience.

D'Addario EXL170 Nickel Wound Bright Round Wound Electric Bass Strings
D'Addario EXL170 Nickel Wound Bright Round Wound Electric Bass Strings
D'Addario EXL170 Nickel Wound Bright Round Wound Electric Bass Strings

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    Gauges: 45-65-80-100

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