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The D'Addario ETB92 Tapewound Bass Strings deliver a vintage tone and smooth feel that's perfect for any genre. These long-lasting, well-balanced strings are expertly engineered by D'Addario to provide optimal tension and are gaged to fit properly on standard bass saddles and nuts. Designed to produce a deep, warm, percussive tone with a polished, ultra-smooth finish, the ETB92 strings wrap flattened black nylon around a high carbon steel core. Made for long scale basses, the ETB92 strings feature gauges from 50-105 for a higher tension, affording increased low-end response and output.

Flattened Black Nylon Winding

The ETB92 strings feature a unique flattened black nylon winding that creates an ultra-smooth, polished surface. This polished finish allows the strings to glide effortlessly along the fretboard, reducing squeaking and excess finger noise. The nylon also helps produce a deep, warm, upright-like tone that's perfect for jazz, R&B, reggae, and other genres that call for a vintage sound.

High Carbon Steel Core

At the heart of the ETB92 strings is a high carbon steel core that provides stability and longevity. The steel core works with the nylon winding to create a balanced tension that fits properly on most standard bass nuts and saddles. The steel also helps capture the natural acoustic resonance of the bass to produce a tone that's deep, rich and full of harmonic overtones.

Versatile Vintage Sound

The D'Addario ETB92 Tapewound Bass Strings are designed to provide a wide range of vintage tones. On a fretted bass, they create a sound reminiscent of an upright bass, with a deep "thump" and natural resonance. On a fretless bass, they provide a rich, mellow tone that glides smoothly between notes. For studio recording or live performance in any genre, the ETB92 strings are a versatile choice for any bassist looking to capture an authentic vintage sound.

D'Addario ETB92 Nylon Tapewound Medium Gauge Bass Strings
D'Addario ETB92 Nylon Tapewound Medium Gauge Bass Strings
D'Addario ETB92 Nylon Tapewound Medium Gauge Bass Strings

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  • Medium gauge
  • Smooth feel
  • Vintage tone
  • Used on fretted or fretless basses
  • Wound flattened black nylon
  • Ultra-smooth finish
  • Long Scale
  • Long lasting

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  • Note: G
    Diameter: 0.050" (1.27mm)
    Tension: 36.6 lb. (16.60kg)
  • Note: D
    Diameter: 0.065" (1.65mm)
    Tension: 36.5.0 lb. (16.56kg)
  • Note: A
    Diameter: 0.085" (2.16mm)
    Tension: 35.8 lb. (16.24kg)
  • Note: E
    Diameter: 0.105" (2.67mm)
    Tension: 32.3 lb. (14.65kg)

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