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The D'Addario EJ26-3D 3-Pack Custom Light Acoustic Guitar Strings, made in the USA to D'Addario's exacting standards, these phosphor bronze strings are precision wound and corrosion resistant, ready to deliver years of outstanding performance. The EJ26-3D set is ideal for most playing styles, with a Custom Light .011-.052 gauge that provides easy playability and a full, projecting tone.

Phosphor Bronze for Warmth and Clarity

D'Addario pioneered the use of phosphor bronze for acoustic guitar strings, and the EJ26-3D set carries on this tradition. Phosphor bronze produces a balanced tone that is both warm and articulate. These strings retain their tone and playability for a remarkably long time thanks to the corrosion-resistant alloy.

Precision Wound for Accuracy and Intonation

Individually wrapped around a hexagonal core, the phosphor bronze windings are carefully applied through D'Addario's precision winding process. This results in consistent gauge strings with superb intonation and pitch accuracy straight out of the pack. The .011-.052 gauge provides just the right tension and volume for most playing styles.

Engineered to Last

Built to meet D'Addario's high standards, the EJ26-3D strings are durable and long-lasting. The phosphor bronze windings and high-carbon steel cores work together to produce strings that stay fresh-sounding for a long time. The corrosion-resistant packaging keeps the strings in factory-fresh condition until you're ready to install them.

A Legacy of Innovation

As the world's largest string manufacturer, D'Addario is committed to ongoing research to provide guitarists strings with unmatched performance, tone and feel. The EJ26-3D Custom Light strings uphold this commitment to quality and innovation.

D'Addario EJ26-3D 3-Pack Custom Light Acoustic Guitar Strings
D'Addario EJ26-3D 3-Pack Custom Light Acoustic Guitar Strings
D'Addario EJ26-3D 3-Pack Custom Light Acoustic Guitar Strings

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Gauges: 11-15-22w-32w-42w-52w